Permanent makeup is a organic pigment that is placed into the skin, either in the epidermal/dermal layer for a semi-permanent procedure, or into the dermal layer for a permanent makeup procedure.

Before & After Your Procedure

Before: Do not take aspirin, fish oil, Vitamin B, niacin, or ibuprofen, drink caffeine, or alcohol, 24-48 hours prior to your procedure (if medically necessary, please consult your doctor or physician before you discontinue).

After: It is important to realize your aftercare, which you control, is a vital component in the end result of your microblading/permanent makeup procedure. After your procedure, you will receive your aftercare kit with instructions on how to care your beautiful new brows.

During your 10-14 day aftercare period:

  • No time in the sun (always apply sunscreen after 10-14 day healing period
  • No tanning beds
  • No hot tubs/saunas
  • No excessive sweating/exercise
  • No face soaps on the brow area
  • No makeup on the brow area
  • No anti-aging creams/treatments on or near brow area
  • No picking at scabs if they appear
  • No Botox 4 weeks prior, or 4 weeks after procedure
  • No bleaching creams
  • No caffeine or alcohol
  • Avoid getting brows wet/do not soak brows in water
  • You should be off of Accutane for 6 months prior to your procedure


Things to remember after your procedure:

  • Your procedure will appear darker (about 30%) for the first few days, but it will lighten/soften in color/appearance as the skin heals, and as the area oxidizes during the healing period.
  • Some swelling/redness is normal with all permanent makeup procedures. The area Amy appear, uneven, dry, patchy, itchy, tender, red, and irritated. These symptoms will dwindle after the first few days of the procedure.
  • Color and shape can fade anywhere from 30% to 60% after 1st service, and 70% to 90% after 2nd (touch-up) session. At your 2nd (touch-up) session we will adjust any faded areas.
  • The healing process is specific to each client. The aftercare treatment is a general guideline, and if you have specific concerns, please call.


In order to achieve desired results, permanent makeup requires 2 sessions within 4-6 weeks of one another.

The average life of microblading (semi-permanent) procedure varies from person to person, and usually last from 6-24 months. These circumstances cause pigment to fade prematurely:

  • Oily skin
  • Chemical peels
  • Smoking
  • Retinols/Retin-A's/Anti-aging creams, and serums
  • Laser removal of permanent makeup/Scar tissue


Appointment/Cancellation Policy

A $50 deposit is required to schedule a permanent makeup procedure. Your deposit will be applied to your payment on your appointment date. If for any reason, you cancel your appointment on the same day of your originally scheduled appointment date/time, or if you arrive more that 15 minutes late, you forfeit your deposit. If this happens, you will be required to pay another deposit to schedule another appointment. We do understand when unexpected circumstances come about that can force you to reschedule your procedure. Please be conscious that changes to your appointments, not only affects your technician, but other clients as well. If you choose to reschedule your appointment an advance notice of 24 hours is required. We truly appreciate your understanding.